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Verify Your Credit Union Membership to Keep Saving with Sprint

Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health System Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer monthly wireless discounts to our members with the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount. If you’re already enjoying the savings from this Invest in America program, we want to make sure you continue to do so. Periodically, Sprint needs participants to verify eligibility so they can receive the discount and waived activation fees. If you’re planning on signing up for the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount, you’ll need to verify eligibility as well.

New Sprint Customers: You need to verify membershipwithin 30 days of activation.

Current Sprint Customers: You need to provide proof of discount eligibility (credit union membership) when you upgrade your device if it has been 20 or more months since you last validated.

Members can now verify credit union membership using the free Invest in America app with its simple and secure verification process. And it takes just a few minutes to complete. Verification will make sure you’ll continue to receive the great benefits and exclusive savings that Sprint offers credit union members.

The Invest in America app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play – just search for “Invest in America.” This app also lists all other Invest in America discounts.

Please take the time to download the free app, try it for yourself and see just how simple it is to use it so you can keep saving with the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount. If you’d rather fill out the verification form and fax it in, you can find the form here at

Learn more about the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount at



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